PCI NU Germany Ramadan Flash Pesantren: Exploring the Nusantara Ulama Heritage

PCINU Germany Ramadan Flash Pesantren: Exploring the Nusantara Ulama Heritage

Enriching the knowledge of Islamic civilization history in Nusantara, PCI NU Germany Ramadan flash pesantren featuring the Thematic Study Series on Nusantara Ulama Heritage. The inaugural study focused on the theme “Letters of Kiai Hasan Maolani, Kuningan, from the Land of Dutch Colonial Exile”.

Held on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, via Zoom Meeting and PCINU Germany Facebook, the event featured Ustadz Muhammad Nida Fadlan as the speaker. Attracting dozens of participants from various countries, the study explored the inspiring story of Kiai Hasan Maolani, a charismatic Sufi cleric exiled by the Dutch in the 19th century.

PCINU Germany: The Maghrib War and Dutch Islamophobia

Ustadz Nida explained that Kiai Hasan Maolani became a victim of Dutch Islamophobia that emerged after the Diponegoro War, also known as the Maghrib War. This war triggered Dutch paranoia towards the kiai, who were considered the masterminds of the resistance.

“Kiai Hasan Maolani was exiled to Kampung Jawa Tondano in 1840 because he was considered dangerous to Dutch colonialism,” said Ustadz Nida.

PCINU Germany: Preaching and Life in Exile

Despite being exiled, Kiai Hasan Maolani never stopped spreading Islam. He wrote 14 letters to his family in Desa Lengkong, Kuningan, which told about his journey of exile, his preaching strategies, and the living conditions in exile.

“These letters are an important historical source that tells the story of the perjuangan of the ulama in the colonial era,” said Ustadz Nida.

In exile, Kiai Hasan Maolani showed his perseverance in building a new civilization. He married a local woman, built a mosque, and actively spread Islam.

“Even with limited resources, the kiai in exile were able to adapt and build strong Muslim communities,” explained Ustadz Nida.

The Power of the Kiai’s Knowledge

One of the interesting things about Kiai Hasan Maolani’s story is his ability to memorize and quote 36 major books, even though he was exiled without any resources.

“This shows the extraordinary power of the knowledge of the Nusantara ulama,” said Ustadz Nida.

Key Messages of the Study

The study conveyed important messages about the steadfastness of the Nusantara ulama in spreading Islam, even in difficult circumstances. The story of Kiai Hasan Maolani also serves as an example of the power of knowledge and preaching that can transform difficult situations into opportunities to build a new civilization.

PCINU Germany and the Nusantara Ulama Heritage

PCINU Germany is committed to continuously exploring and disseminating the knowledge of the Nusantara ulama. The Thematic Study Series on Nusantara Ulama Heritage is one of the programs designed to achieve this goal.

“We want to introduce the younger generation to the perjuangan and contributions of the Nusantara ulama in building Islam in Indonesia,” said PCINU Germany Chairman Ahmad Zainuddin.

Through this program, PCINU Germany hopes to increase the knowledge and love of the younger generation for Islam and its ulama.

Impact of the Study and PCINU Germany’s Contribution

The Thematic Study Series on Nusantara Ulama Heritage held by PCINU Germany has several positive impacts:

  • Enhances participants’ knowledge and insights into the history and perjuangan of the Nusantara ulama.
  • Strengthens love and pride for Islam and its ulama.
  • Encourages the younger generation to follow in the footsteps of the ulama in spreading Islam.
  • Disseminates information about Islam and Indonesian culture to the international community.

PCINU Germany’s contribution to spreading the Nusantara ulama heritage is not only through this study but also through various other programs, such as:

  • Publishing books and articles about the Nusantara ulama.
  • Organizing international seminars and conferences on Islam in Indonesia.
  • Providing scholarships for students who want to study Islam in Indonesia.

Through these programs, PCINU Germany hopes to:

  • Enhance the international understanding of Islam in Indonesia.
  • Bridge the relationship between Indonesia and Germany in the fields of education and culture.
  • Promote tolerance and peace between religious communities.

The study serves as an exciting opening for PCINU Germany’s Ramadan Flash Pesantren program. By menghadirkan competent speakers and relevant topics, PCINU Germany is expected to continue providing positive contributions in spreading knowledge and Islamic preaching in Germany and Europe.

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